What to Wear {A Simple Guide to Make Your Portrait Timeless} | Culver, IN Photographer

Are you planning to have your family’s portrait taken soon? Excellent!!! Did you know there are some do and don’t guidelines for what to wear? Here are a few tips to help create a timeless family portrait that you will treasure for years to come. I promise, this will help you to not have images like some of the ones seen on “Awkward Family Photos“!!! If you need help with planning your clothing for your session, I’m happy to help. Also, please feel free to bring a few different clothing options with you to your session and we can pick and choose what works the best!

What to Wear for Your Family Portrait Session:

Tip #1: Discuss the family portrait together with the entire group. Your family portrait should convey a sense of your family’s personality. Talk about possible color schemes, settings and poses. Feel free to discuss these with me too prior to your session. I want you to {LOVE} your images.

Tip #2: Choose clothing that fits with the setting of the portrait. If you are having your portrait taken on the beach, summer clothing is appropriate. Make sure to dress for the weather. Layers are great, because then you have additional looks easily and they add depth to your images.

Tip #3: Coordinate colors. Everyone in the family portrait should wear colors that meld well together. Some families choose to match their colors exactly. While this is not necessary, you do need to ensure that all the clothing colors complement each other.

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