Chaser’s Racers Buddy Walk Team Shirts Are Here!

Yes, it’s true…the first batch of Chaser’s Racers Buddy Walk shirts are finished…whohoo! And if I do say so myself, they came out awesome!!! If you don’t already know Laurie and her crew from checking out Welcome to the Mad House, then you probably don’t know why we are sponsoring the Chaser’s Racers Buddy Walk team. You see…Laurie has been one of my very best friends from way back in the days of third... Read More

Taking Inventory

We’re excited to have Laurie Maddex of Welcome to the Mad House guest blogging for us today on giving back which fits with our goals for Always Happy Life. Her personal blog is awesome, so make sure you check out their regular adventures as well. Hopefully we can talk her into blogging for us more in the future!!! So without further adieu…here it is: We had quite the eye opening experience at our church yesterday; a statistic that said... Read More

Favorite Blogs-Have You Checked Them Out Yet?

Welcome to the Mad House: Ian figured out how to read! Check out the cute post and video here. Pretty cool to see a little one put all of the pieces together! Also, they had a great weekend at the river with friends for Memorial Day and last week Ian graduated from pre-school!! Windtraveler: Brittany and Scott had a busy Memorial Day weekend of boat prep. I’m exhausted just reading about what they did. Check out their post on scraping the paint... Read More

A Little of This and A Little of That

Here are some posts from our favorite blogs this week: Chase of Welcome to the Mad House started preschool this week and wore his shirt on his first day! What a cute little dude!!! Read More Here We can’t wait to visit them in October and sponsor Chase’s Racers for Down Syndrome Association of Charlotte’s Buddy Walk. Kelle Hampton of Enjoying the Small Things has had a busy week and as always has gorgeous photography... Read More

A Little Bit of Love

Laurie did a great job talking about Always Happy. Never Satisfied.™ the other day on her blog, “Welcome to the Mad House“. What does the saying mean to you? Here are her thoughts… “Always Happy. Never Satisfied.” My friend Becky, who has known me longer than I care to share (like, since before I wore a training bra!), and her other half, Ed, have started a new company, Always Happy Life.  You can check it out here. Basically,... Read More

Welcome to the Mad House and Enjoying the Small Things

Introducing two of our favorite blog authors that exemplify living the Always Happy. Never Satisfied.™ lifestyle. Laurie Maddex, author of Welcome to the Mad House and Kelle Hampton of Enjoying the Small Things! Laurie and Becky have been friends since 3rd grade, amazing yes…especially since Laurie moved to Florida in 6th grade. Laurie writes of her daily life being the Mom of 3 little boys and their antics. Her family is hilarious and we... Read More