Wedding Details & DIY Wedding Projects

In honor of our one month anniversary (Whohoo!!!) I wanted to write up a post on all of the details from the wedding to share and to help us remember everything for the future. When Ed and I became engaged January 3, 2011 we immediately agreed on several key details. The first detail was the wedding was going to take place on our farm because we couldn’t think of a better place to have it. We also knew we would be spending time, money and putting... Read More

The Dresses

I figured since yesterday I gave a preview of the what our little guys and big guys are wearing, I’d give you a preview of the girls dresses as well! We’re definitely going for a fun look with our wedding party and some bright colors as you can tell from the our Vineyard Vines picks for the guys. I decided also have fun with the girls and let tthem each pick a style of dress in the same color. It’s called “pool” and... Read More

Happy Life Update

All is well with Ed & I. We were in Miami last week for sailing. Ed raced Viper’s and finished 4th and I spent two days out on the water shooting the different classes in the regatta. It was great to catch up with people we hadn’t seen in awhile and also meet new sailors. If you wish you could have been out on the water with us…here’s the gallery links to check them out. We stopped in Atlanta on the way back home and... Read More

Ring “Bear”ers

We’re going to have these two cuties as our ring bearers. We mentioned it to them in the craze of normal boyhood play and they agreed. We didn’t think too much of it, but apparently, they are more excited than we thought they would be. Megan sent us a note the other day saying the boys are very excited and want to know when they are going to get their ring “bear” costumes. 😉 We can’t help but smile at how adorable... Read More

Where to Start?

In case you didn’t read our 22 Goals for 2011…hmmm…really? They are good ones…you should check them out… Anyways, we are getting married this year!!! Yes, it’s true…and we are VERY excited! There’s so much to do though…sometimes it’s a matter of just figuring out where to start. We know when and where it will be…that was the easy part. Now, it’s all of the little pieces to make... Read More