Schutt’s Cider Mill

One of my favorite places I visited as a child on a regular basis was Schutt’s Cider Mill in Webster, NY. I can’t remember ever not going there and I believe it’s been a family tradition since my grandmother was a child. We ate A LOT of apples growing up. After all, I grew up in Western New York where apple orchards are everywhere. And the apples are SO good! I really haven’t found any others that compare. Call me biased, but... Read More

Fall Top Ten: Joys of Fall

I can’t say that Fall is my favorite season…but it definitely has it perks. Apple cider, pretty leaves, perfect sleeping weather, pumpkins…to name a few. And although I don’t have kids, I think all of my friends with children would agree “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”. In case you don’t remember… We made a summer list and managed to cross a fair amount of things off of it. A few we’ll... Read More