Famous Chili Cheeseburger Party

Yesterday evening, we hosted the Maxinkuckee Yacht Club’s Famous Chili Cheeseburger Party at the Farm. What…you haven’t been to it? How could that be? Hmm…maybe next year! You’ll just have to come to our Fall Regatta to check it out. Since the Maxinkuckee Yacht Club (say that three times fast!) doesn’t have a brick and mortar home, members host the different events and gatherings or they are at other various locations... Read More

Rain, Rain…Go Away…

It’s raining… It’s pouring… And we’re hosting a party tonight here at the Farm… Not just any party, but the Famous Maxinkuckee Yacht Club Chili-Cheeseburger Party. Did I mention it’s a bit chilly here too? 60°F to be exact. Fall has arrived for sure. Hopefully the skies decide to clear up by this evening, otherwise, we’ll be having the party in the new barn as plan B. Until we know what’s... Read More

Fourth of July 2010

Fourth of July this year was great! We had lots of friends and family visit us and the weather was perfect! I think both Ed’s and my backs are recovering from sleeping on a mat on the floor for a couple days, since we had a house full. It definitely felt good to climb into a real bed, but it was worth it to have everyone visit. The full gallery of our fun can be found here. Friday we had a family BBQ with burgers and hotdogs, lots of yummy side... Read More