Our “Cave”

We have a tiny garage…so tiny that neither of our vehicles will fit in it. Now, mind you, I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee and Ed has a monster truck…an F250 Diesel that is lifted. Mine might fit, but I probably couldn’t get out of it and Ed’s definitely isn’t going to even be close. That’s why we have barns…to house boats and our trucks. We’re set there (we have a total of four barns)! So…what do... Read More

Happiness is House Projects

For some reason…we really like house projects. We’ll pretty much tackle anything. When Ed bought the house in 2007, it was in great shape. The family who lived in this house was the third generation in the same family to own it and the sellers took care of it as if they would stay here forever. It had new windows, new roof, newer appliances, etc. But…we started to get ideas. After all, the house was built in 1873! Recently, we discovered... Read More