Where to Start?

In case you didn’t read our 22 Goals for 2011…hmmm…really? They are good ones…you should check them out… Anyways, we are getting married this year!!! Yes, it’s true…and we are VERY excited! There’s so much to do though…sometimes it’s a matter of just figuring out where to start. We know when and where it will be…that was the easy part. Now, it’s all of the little pieces to make... Read More

22 Goals for 2011

We made up our 22 Goals list last January on Sail22 and figured this year we’d share it with both blogs. We checked off a bunch of things from our list, but no where near all 22. I guess we were a bit ambitious, so we’ll update what we need to do and add a few more to this year’s list. Make sure you read all the way to #22, because that one is VERY exciting! 1) Finish the Bus Barn: This barn had a bit of a change of plans, but we... Read More