Do You Have a Buddy?

We were really excited to be involved with this year’s Buddy Walk 2010 in Charlotte, North Carolina and from everything we’ve heard, it was a huge success. We started out supporting Chaser’s Racers, but through Laurie’s connections, we became involved with several teams and helped them create some adorable team shirts to wear for the walk (and around the house, to school, play, etc)! Here’s a little recap and some pics... Read More

Chaser’s Racers Buddy Walk Team Shirts Are Here!

Yes, it’s true…the first batch of Chaser’s Racers Buddy Walk shirts are finished…whohoo! And if I do say so myself, they came out awesome!!! If you don’t already know Laurie and her crew from checking out Welcome to the Mad House, then you probably don’t know why we are sponsoring the Chaser’s Racers Buddy Walk team. You see…Laurie has been one of my very best friends from way back in the days of third... Read More