Reasons to Celebrate! | Always happy. Never satisfied.®

“Always happy. Never satisfied.®” Notice anything different??? We can now officially use the ® next to our slogan for Always Happy Life!!! Up until this week, we’ve been a ™ which means we are pending approval. Did you know that? This past Tuesday, we received an official document in the mail from the United States Trademark Office with final approval. Hard to believe this process took us over 2.5 years to finalize. Big thanks to Ed’s sister, Megan, for her help with the process. We were ecstatic to finally have that sheet of paper in our hands and of course celebrated properly with champagne and some leftovers. 😉

Speaking of celebrating, we went out for dinner on Monday evening to celebrate my 33rd birthday and had a wonderful dinner, (hence leftovers on Tuesday) at Corndance in Culver. Tuna Tartar to start with a great bottle of Argentinian Malbec. I had a Bison sirloin complete with blue cheese and mushrooms and served with mashed potatoes and green beans. Ed had veal, mashed potatoes and green beans. Both of our meals were delicious. Then what’s better than birthday cake, but Creme Brulee? Yummy!!! An after dinner drink from our favorite bar tender at the Edgewater completed a great evening!

To top it all off, we have been home all week and able to sleep in our own bed. Such a small thing…but oh so nice. Looking forward to being home for awhile longer and enjoying every minute of it! Noisy definitely missed us and has almost forgiven him for leaving him for the month of January. We’ll squeeze in a visit to South Bend this weekend to visit with Greg, Katie and the boys and an adult dinner. It’s great to be able to have nephews old enough to babysit!

Busy, busy, busy…but that is our normal. Who needs to sleep anyways?

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