Wordless Wednesday August 25, 2010 Since we’re in Toronto this week shooting the 8-Metre World Cup, I thought these would be fun. Check out the whole gallery on Sail22.com to see more of these gorgeous boats in action.  Read More →

We are in Toronto, Canada this week for the 8 Metre World Cup. Absolutely gorgeous boats and we’re enjoying being here to photograph them. If you’re bored and want some photos of pretty boats to check out, head over to Sail22.com and the galleries. These classic boats are amazing and even the modern ones are stunning!  Read More →

Wordless Wednesday August 18, 2010  Read More →

AlwaysHappyLife.com is excited to have Liza Sussman as a guest author this week! Liza is a 4th and 5th grade inclusion teacher in New York City and I’ve known her since we were in high school. When I saw her photos from her recent trip to the Pacific Northwest, I asked her to share more on her trip. So here it is, a top ten list of their adventure! My husband, Josh, and I left for Vancouver... Read More

Toronto has always been one of my favorite cities to visit. It’s just big enough to have everything and it’s small enough to be easy to navigate. And I’m of the map/directionally-challenged sort…it’s genetic, I swear. I’ve been coming here since I was a little girl to visit museums (the Royal Ontario Museum is one of my all time favorites), art galleries, concerts... Read More

Wordless Wednesday August 11, 2010 Traveling currently and finally I am able to post it! Bear Photo credit: Liza Sussman (She’s writing a guest blog about her trip to Vancouver & Seattle for us for next week! Can’t wait…her photos were awesome!)  Read More →

We have had Ed’s oldest nephews with us since last evening. The boys have been great. Last night they put themselves to bed…and this morning they slept until after 9am. Gotta love that they were worn out from a long weekend of fun at the lake. After we sent Noisy in to wake them up this morning and we had breakfast, we headed out to Warren Dunes State Park in Michigan. The boys could NOT... Read More

Last night we hosted Ladies Wine Time at the Farm. We had quite a crowd! Thirty-five to forty women, wine and appetizers for an hour and a half. Ed was entertainment director and tour guide (and I secretly think he was just making sure the house was still standing). It’s such a fun (and easy…ssh…don’t tell!) event to host and a great concept. We also do a Couple’s Wine... Read More

Horses, ice cream, fudge and beautiful views sum up Mackinac Island. And…they now have a Starbucks too…whohoo! Every year in the sailing community there are two races to Mackinac Island, one from Chicago, Illinois and one from Port Huron, Michigan. This year, as part of Sail22, I had the pleasure to work with a team coordinating shore support (there were over 20 people on the team!!!) and... Read More

Wordless Wednesday July 28, 2010 A little preview of the beauty of Mackinac Island, Michigan. More to come later in a blog!  Read More →