Today is one of those days that the fog is thick and you can barely see 100 feet. It’s surreal and one of my favorite kinds of days. Always a surprise to wake up to in the morning. Definitely a day to stay inside and cozy. I’ve been itching for Spring lately. After all, it is April and the 100 daffodil bulbs I planted in the gardens last Fall are still barely peeking through the ground!?!... Read More

We have a very busy mouse…and a very lazy cat in our household. Our house was built in 1873. It’s an old farmhouse…we’ve worked hard to make it sealed, but there is apparently a crack we missed. Anyways, I discovered this weekend that my cooking utensil drawer had been stockpiled with Noisy’s food. Definitely a new discovery…wasn’t there the day before. And... Read More

I figured since yesterday I gave a preview of the what our little guys and big guys are wearing, I’d give you a preview of the girls dresses as well! We’re definitely going for a fun look with our wedding party and some bright colors as you can tell from the our Vineyard Vines picks for the guys. I decided also have fun with the girls and let tthem each pick a style of dress in the same... Read More

We finally picked out what our adorable Ring Bears (aka Ring Bearers) and ushers will be wearing for the wedding. The Groomsman are all wearing the same shirts and will have pants instead of shorts. We had already picked out the guys clothes, but saw these matching ones in the Vineyard Vines Spring collection and knew they would be perfect. Ed snapped this quick pic of Ben modeling his new clothes.... Read More

Today is an important day…my most favorite guy, Mr. Always Happy Life (aka Ed) is having a birthday!!! For those of you that know about our other little company, Sail22…today’s date is one of the reasons for the “22”. Due to tweaking my back, I was unable to join him on the road this week, but I know the Elsey family is treating him to a very special birthday celebration... Read More

I tweaked my back…and am struggling with it. A pinched nerve. All I can say is, “Ouch”. Something so simple as stretching yesterday morning with my arms over my head caused it. The kind of pain where you can’t move and the tears come in rivers. I have a high pain tolerance too, but this really hurts. Nothing really seems to make it better, although this morning I stretched a... Read More

All is well with Ed & I. We were in Miami last week for sailing. Ed raced Viper’s and finished 4th and I spent two days out on the water shooting the different classes in the regatta. It was great to catch up with people we hadn’t seen in awhile and also meet new sailors. If you wish you could have been out on the water with us…here’s the gallery links to check them out.... Read More

This afternoon on my flight from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale there were the cutest little kids behind me. Blonde as could be, blue eyes, completely charming and well behaved. The kind of kids you don’t mind sitting behind you on a plane. You know what I mean… Anyways, we are getting ready to leave the gate and the little guy, I’d say he was about two and a half, says, “Mom, we’re... Read More

We love the Organic Bloom frames here at Always Happy Life and have donated one to the Adding to the Maddness Madd Love Auction to help bring Danil home from the Ukraine to his forever family, the Maddex’s. It’s your choice and you can pick from one of our favorite 8″ x 10″ frames we currently have in stock! Fun colors, adorable frames and a very cute kid who just happens to... Read More

Last weekend I snuck away on Friday and convinced two of my very best friends to meet me for a Girls Weekend. And we had a BLAST!!!! We decided on Orlando since two of us could drive there from our locations and it was a reasonable flight for the other. It worked out perfectly, except Laurie ended up getting caught in a rain storm on the way down and stuck in random traffic on the way back home which... Read More