Ed’s sister, Megan, is about to become an Aunt again, but this time…it’s a little different. Grace is being adopted by the Garrett’s from Ethiopia! She’s 8 months old and will be joining the family very, very, very soon. She’s adorable too, by the way! We are sending Always Happy. Never Satisfied.™ shirts for the entire family (she has 4 very excited siblings),... Read More

Laurie did a great job talking about Always Happy. Never Satisfied.™ the other day on her blog, “Welcome to the Mad House“. What does the saying mean to you? Here are her thoughts… “Always Happy. Never Satisfied.” My friend Becky, who has known me longer than I care to share (like, since before I wore a training bra!), and her other half, Ed, have started a new company,... Read More

I have always wanted to have a blog where I can write up witty posts and share my views of the world, discuss travel destinations and plot out ways to save the world. But in the last few years, I seem to have all of my best ideas when I am driving down the road from one sailing event to the next and they never make it into anything other than that…ideas. I have been to some pretty cool places... Read More

The saying, phrase, motto, whatever you want to call it, “Always happy. Never satisfied.™” is the reason we are here. Where did it come from? It started out as, “Always be happy. Never be satisfied. It was used that way for many years We shortened it for this project to keep things simple and to the point. I wish I had some great story about how I was doing something for greater mankind or... Read More

Introducing two of our favorite blog authors that exemplify living the Always Happy. Never Satisfied.™ lifestyle. Laurie Maddex, author of Welcome to the Mad House and Kelle Hampton of Enjoying the Small Things! Laurie and Becky have been friends since 3rd grade, amazing yes…especially since Laurie moved to Florida in 6th grade. Laurie writes of her daily life being the Mom of 3 little boys... Read More

Finally…it’s here! For years, we have been hearing “I really love your saying” and we have finally done something about it. That saying,  “Always Happy. Never Satisfied.™” is what this site is based on and sums up our chosen lifestyle. Ed thought it up years ago and Becky remembers the first time she saw it, how it just clicked. Our goal is to be “Always... Read More