We liked the idea of Wordless Wednesday posts…so here’s our first. Check back every week and feel free to send us any photos you think we should use.  Read More →

There are many things that make me happy on a daily basis, but is has taken me all 31 years of my life on this planet to figure them out…and hopefully I’ll have many more years to add to my happy collection! Many who have known me over the years know that I wasn’t always happy. My 90 year-old dear Grandma Lou was a huge inspiration for me to change things up in my life. I realized,... Read More

We are planning to participate in the Tour de Max this weekend here at home in Culver, Indiana. It should be a beautiful ride, no matter which one you choose, the 10 mile, 30 mile or 63 mile routes are all on rolling hills and country roads. Ed’s planning to ride with his brother, Greg and I’ll ride around the lake in the 10 mile ride with the three nephews and Ed’s Dad. It looks... Read More

Mia joined the Jennings family in late March and she’s ooh soo CUTE!!! They are friend’s of Ed’s sister, Megan and we are happy to have them become one of our favorite blogs. It looks like Mia is doing great with her forever family and is adored by all! Check out their blog and Read More Here  Read More →

Here are some posts from our favorite blogs this week: Chase of Welcome to the Mad House started preschool this week and wore his AlwaysHappyLife.com shirt on his first day! What a cute little dude!!! Read More Here We can’t wait to visit them in October and sponsor Chase’s Racers for Down Syndrome Association of Charlotte’s Buddy Walk. Kelle Hampton of Enjoying the Small Things... Read More

We spent last week doing quite a bit of traveling. As usual, we had the camera with us, since photography is one of our favorite activities. Enjoy the AlwaysHappyLife.com gallery, we’ll be adding to it frequently! Ed started the week with a drive to Newport, Rhode Island to drop off a boat. I flew in on Monday night to Baltimore and then on Tuesday morning, we left Annapolis, Maryland and drove... Read More

Jana and Matt have been in Ethiopia all week and are getting ready to come home with little Grace tomorrow! She is such a cutie!!! Read about their adventures on The Garrett Journey and see more photos of their trip.  Read More →

We had a great time this weekend at the Fat & Skinny Tire Fest in Winona Lake! Such a beautiful area and the event organizers did a wonderful job with everything. There were numerous volunteers (my tent was set up before I even was back from making another trip to the car!!!) and everyone was extremely nice despite the weather, which left a lot to be desired. Friday, Becky went to Winona Lake... Read More

This weekend Becky is attending our first event, The Fat & Skinny Tire Festival in Winona Lake, Indiana. We are donating some Always Happy. Never Satisfied.™ shirts to the event for prizes and we are hoping to get a great response! Since biking is one of our favorite activities and this festival supports some great causes, including the Lake City Greenway, Winona Lake Trails, Indiana Bicycle... Read More

Meet Raf and Rafstrong. He is Becky’s friend Liza’s brother-in-law. Raf has been battling testicular cancer since December 2009 and has been in our thoughts (even Lance Armstrong is “pulling” for him). In his blog, The Audacity of Pope, Raf shares his thoughts about his treatment. We really like his Rafstrong bracelet, so send him a note…ask him for a Rafstrong bracelet... Read More