I love to garden…it’s one of my favorite activities and despite the battle with the weeds…it makes me very happy. There’s just something about digging into the earth with my bare hands that makes me smile. Last year was my first real attempt at a vegetable garden. I’ve had a few tomato, pepper and herb plants, but last year was the real deal. Ed’s Dad did the hard... Read More

For some reason…we really like house projects. We’ll pretty much tackle anything. When Ed bought the house in 2007, it was in great shape. The family who lived in this house was the third generation in the same family to own it and the sellers took care of it as if they would stay here forever. It had new windows, new roof, newer appliances, etc. But…we started to get ideas. After... Read More

Welcome to the Mad House: Ian figured out how to read! Check out the cute post and video here. Pretty cool to see a little one put all of the pieces together! Also, they had a great weekend at the river with friends for Memorial Day and last week Ian graduated from pre-school!! Windtraveler: Brittany and Scott had a busy Memorial Day weekend of boat prep. I’m exhausted just reading about what... Read More

Exactly one year ago today Ed’s and my life changed dramatically. We were adopted by a cat…now affectionately named “Noisy”. He makes appearances regularly in our Wordless Wednesday blogs these days and seems to be quite content with his decision to adopt us. We had just come home from a regatta and I swore I heard a cat meowing at some point during the day. While having dinner... Read More

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In the spirit of the Always happy. Never satisfied.™ lifestyle, our new favorite blog friends Brittany & Scott of Windtraveler will be sailing around the world starting this Fall. Ed knows Brittany from all of the sailing he has done in Chicago and has been following along on their blog as they prepare their boat for their trip. Check out their adventures as they get ready to depart in September.... Read More

Laurie at Welcome to the Mad House has a great post about adorable Ian’s perspective on being “Birthday Special“. It’s always amazing to me what comes out of little kid’s mouths and the thought process involved. The wheels in little brains certainly work hard! And Laurie…I think you are definitely doing something right with your little guys…Ian certainly proves... Read More

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Meet the Monaco Clan! Emily and Chris are friends from Annapolis who have an adorable little guy named Luke. Em sent photos of Luke wearing his Always Happy Life shirt. She said it was hard to get photos, since he really doesn’t sit still much these days! Their blog details life with Luke, but also the very cool renovation of their little cottage in Annapolis. They have added a second floor which... Read More

Little Grace is doing wonderfully with her new family and is Miss Smiley Face. She is so adorable! Check up on the Garrett Family and life since they returned from Ethiopia with Grace. Read More Kelle Hampton of Enjoying the Small Things has had a great week. Lainey’s birthday party and actual birthday look like they were wonderful and Kelle enjoyed some well deserved Girls Night Out fun. Little... Read More