I had a blast taking photos of little baby Colin last week. Can’t wait to see him again in a few weeks for some more photos! I may have to start doing some more baby photos, it was way, way, way too much fun (even the editing)!!! Anyone need any baby photos? I’m always game for a cute baby fix! See the rest of his gallery here. He’s got these huge, beautiful blue eyes… And absolutely... Read More

We just got home today and all of the kids are here for the Fourth of July family festivities. Cannonball practice was in full swing… Can you say Cannonball?!?!?! Splash!!!!!!!  Read More →

We recently advertised with a blog called Just A Girl and she does weekly Show and Share Days. We offered up some Always happy. Never satisfied.™ shirts for her winners. We thought we’d share the winners with you and also their blogs. We look forward to seeing photos of them in their Always happy. Never satisfied.™ shirts and hoping they write up a blog for us as well! Check them out!!! Frosted... Read More

Wordless Wednesday June 23, 2010 Photo: Bill Furry  Read More →

We spent last weekend in Chautauqua Lake, NY at the Chautauqua Institution. The season there doesn’t officially start until this weekend, so we had the run of the place for the C Scow Nationals that Ed was sailing in and I was photographing. I’ll have more for you later on our other adventures, but thought I’d share how pretty it was in Chautauqua. We’re on our way to Newport,... Read More

We’ve been on the road a lot the last few days with a trip from home in Culver, Indiana to Newport, Rhode Island for our other company, Sail22. We were on our way to Chautauqua, New York late last night and finally decided to stop driving around 1:30am at the Days Inn Wurstboro, NY (it’s a great one by the way and the staff was wonderful). We parked in front of the office, got our room... Read More

Wordless Wednesday: June 16, 2010 Remember to send in your Wordless Wednesday photo submissions for the chance to win some Always Happy. Never Satisfied.™ swag from AlwaysHappyLife.com!  Read More →

Last year I ventured into making my first batch of homemade blueberry jam. Wonderful stuff…and I am so looking forward to the blueberry harvest again this year for batch number two. Luckily, I don’t have to pick them, as our friend Julie drags her kids out to the “you pick” patches for me. This weekend they were in town and came home with twelve quarts of strawberries!!! I snagged... Read More

Do you remember learning to ride a two-wheel bike? I most certainly do! Mine was a “big girl bike” complete with a yellow banana seat, flowered basket on the front and big curved handle bars with yellow handgrips. I received it for Christmas and couldn’t wait to ride it, but growing up in Rochester, NY, late December is not exactly prime bike riding weather. That spring, I did learn... Read More

Wordless Wednesday: June 9, 2010 Photo Credit: Greg Furry  Read More →