Old Barn Renovated into Rustic, Contemporary Photography Studio in Culver, Indiana

Remember way back last April when I shared a blog on the Always Happy Life Photography Studio Progress? Well, since it’s now the beginning of the year, I figured it was time for an update on how the rustic old barn has become my very cool photography studio space. Many have seen a little bit here and there on the Always Happy Life Photography Facebook page (Are you follwoing me? If not, please go do it right now!). But what a transformation to see it all in one place. I find it very hard to believe the once falling down old barn is almost completely finished for this stage of the update. It is everything I had dreamed of when we decided what the old barn was to become in its new life…bright, cheerful, rustic, fun, functional, modern with plenty of character and perfect for my photography studio. All of my clients that have come to visit already think so too! After all, the studio is for everyone. Yes, it is wonderful for me to have it, however, I wanted it to be for my clients. I want everyone to smile when they see the bright green door outside and are greeted with the welcoming interior on the inside. The Always Happy Life Barn Studio is meant for YOU and YOUR FAMILY!

So, without further adieu I’ll give you a photo tour and explanation of how and why we went about renovating the barn (formally an old corn crib and lean-to) into a rustic modern “I can’t help but smile whenever I walk into it and I hope you do too” amazing space.

When we started way back the barn looked like this: Yes…it’s true. Should have been a tear down, right? You don’t need to say more. However, there is character in it and potential…you just have to squint hard and you’ll see it. And we like character, potential and a bit of a challenge around here. Especially when something has stood on our property since approximately 1916! It was originally a corn crib and also served as storage for a school bus, hence why the barn has been known as “The Bus Barn” for years. It definitely deserved a chance…

But now, in all of her glory (and a little bit of snow)…it looks like this:
Back in April, the old barn wood was removed from another local barn (thank you, thank you, thank you!) and a trailer full of barn wood was brought back to prep for the inside walls. Since the walls were insulated by Eco Comfort with Icyene spray foam (amazing stuff), we needed to put up new inner walls. Everything was power washed to remove dirt and grime, but only lightly so that the old paint stayed adheared to the wood for texture. All of the wood was faded barn red when it came off the barn. We only ended up with enough barn wood for two walls, so we chose the large West wall and the North wall of the barn and everything else was dry walled with fresh new walls.  Keep reading about the barn renovation…


Becky Furry, owner of Always Happy Life Photography is based in Culver, Indiana. She specializes in capturing custom lifestyle portrait sessions with moms to be, newborns, babies, children, families & high school seniors. Becky is a member of the Professional Photographers of America and also is a certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. She loves how Always Happy Life Photography incorporates her love of children & their families with her love of photography. Client portrait sessions are on location using natural light or in the Always Happy Life Photography studio which has a background of beautiful old barns, sprawling green fields and is close to Lake Maxinkuckee and the gorgeous Culver Academies. Contact Becky at 574-598-0022 or Becky@AlwaysHappyLife.com for a personal consultation for your portrait needs.

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