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On Thursday morning our lives changed dramatically. Totally unexpected and not exactly what we were planning at all. It was on our “someday” list…you know that list, “Someday, when we are…” I bet you have one too? Well, our someday became today. We had decided on the name a long time ago, for our, “Someday when we have a ____”. We knew when the time was right, we would be thrilled to have one, but our lives have been pretty crazy lately. Well, apparently we needed it to happen, since we now have another member of the family and his official name is “Harry Furry”. Middle name is still up for debate. However, he couldn’t be more perfect. Noisy isn’t quite on the same page about him, but we think he’ll come around.

Yep, it’s a boy…a sweet, amber eyed, bouncing approximately six-month old chocolate lab puppy that decided we should be his parents. He chose us…yes…that’s right. Friday morning he was curled up against our back porch skinny, wet, shivering, hungry and looking rather pathetic, but trying to sound like he was ferocious. Bill saw him when he came to work and thought there was a bag of trash on our back porch (note, we only have white kitchen bags…and we don’t put them out on the back porch ever….and he didn’t tell us this until after we had found him) and we had guests visiting, so Dana thought he was their dog and didn’t think anything of it. I was making breakfast in the kitchen and heard a dog bark and called into the living room, “Did you just hear a dog barking?” to Ed. He thought I was hearing things and it didn’t phase him since we occasionally have dogs who pass by on their way to somewhere unknown. It wasn’t until Dana came in and said something about a dog on our back porch that we went to the back door and looked outside. There he was and he was scared! He jumped up on the door barking and growling. Didn’t sound very nice at all. We looked at him and thought he looked like a lab or maybe a Chesapeake Retriever mix since he was wet and his fur was a bit wavy. My only experiences with either of those breeds are that they are complete mush even if they sound ferocious and the one on our back porch certainly looked hungry. I grabbed a bowl of cat food and took it outside from our side porch door, came around back and he barked and snarled. I got the message and put it by the garage and headed back inside. Ed and Dana said he went over, sniffed the food, then came back to the door. They accidentally made a noise that startled him again and he started his barking show all over. That’s when I noticed he was shaking…so instead I just opened the back door and walked out on to our back step, asking Dana or Ed to grab a towel so that I could dry him off. I was greeted with puppy kisses instead of barking. I brought him the bowl of cat food and he shied away from it. Apparently the bowl scared him, since when I put the food on the ground in front of him, he inhaled it. And that was that…he came into the house a few minutes later to warm up and we began to try to locate his owners. I called all of the surrounding vets and both local humane societies to ask if anyone had reported a chocolate lab puppy missing and to leave our information. No luck. We noticed he was limping, had a few fleas and might have worms, so off to the Culver vet to see if they had a remedy for our situation and to check to see if he had been microchipped. We solved the flea/worm situation there and unfortunately, he wasn’t chipped. We even called friends to see if their family’s chocolate lab was missing…no luck. Checked Craigslist to see if anyone was looking for him and again nothing. No collar either and no marks to show he’d had one on recently either.

Harry spent all day Friday sleeping. He must have been exhausted from his travels because he could barely keep his eyes open and was my total shadow, sleeping at or on my feet or next to me wherever I went in the house. Ed made him a collar and leash out scrap cover from some recent rigging he’d been working on. I took him for a walk (my arm is a little sore…he’s a puller) and we began to teach him some basic commands, “sit, stay, heel, down & leave it” are on his to-do list. He’ll do pretty much anything for a treat we’ve discovered, but isn’t very well behaved yet without incentive. Friday night, after trying to join me in bed while Ed was brushing his teeth and getting a stern “no”, he decided that sleeping at the foot of our bed was a good spot. He didn’t get up until we woke up the next morning. Noisy watched him sleep from the dresser, still not too thrilled about his presence in the house.

He’s not the greatest with strangers and seems to have more issues with men. But if you just pet him, the barking and growling stops, so we’ll be working on socializing. Luckily, all it took was a case of “Diet Fresca” and one pound of M&M’s (no brown ones) to convince Greg, Katie & the boys to watch him for us while we traveled during the next few weeks. We know they’ll work with him to socialize him and teach him commands. Their dog, Folly, like Noisy wasn’t very excited he was coming to visit, but we’re pretty sure she too will get over it and have fun with Harry. We wanted to make sure he was vaccinated, so we took him to the Plymouth Veterinary Hospital where the squeezed him in on Saturday and he saw Dr. Holl. They were wonderful there. We knew he would need his shots because he’d be around other dogs and kids while staying with Katie & Greg. Dr. Holl seemed to think we were picked out by a pretty special little guy too and gave him a clean bill of health. We’ll be back to see him in a month to get his second round of shots and to arrange for him to be snipped.

We think we’re pretty lucky and are glad we were the chosen ones once again! Hard to believe it that in three years, we’ve been selected by two great pets.

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