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Beautiful Liza Pregnant Portrait

Pregnancy portrait sessions are not always on every future new Mom’s list, but I personally think they are so important to capture! I’ll definitely be doing more maternity sessions in the future as part of Always Happy Life Photography.  I persuaded Liza to let me give it a go and show off her adorable baby belly while on location in Brooklyn, New York a few weeks ago. She definitely wasn’t going to make it out to Culver, Indiana before little girl Sussman is born in early December, so it was perfect to do her portrait session at her home while visiting NYC.

Here’s Liza’s perspective on her maternity portrait session!

I’m genuinely not into the idea of pregnancy photos, but when Becky asked if she could try out some of what she’s been learning about maternity photos on me when they passed through NYC for the night last month, I asked reluctantly “Can I keep my clothes on?”.

Thankfully, she agreed, but that meant I had to comply with my end of the deal.

So, on a cloudy Sunday afternoon, I threw on a black t-shirt and some jeans and got ready to play.At the time, I was just about to start my 26th week of pregnancy…with a definite baby bump, but it still wasn’t so pronounced. Now at 30 weeks, I’d say this baby is growing like a weed in there and she and I will be huge in the very near future…

First we tried my building’s back “yard” which is more of a cement, tile, and brick barren wasteland…which wasn’t so inviting for pictures. I was able to work out being a little less awkward for the camera though an

d got the hang of where Becky was telling me to put my hands and my legs and of course my belly.

When we decided that the back “yard” wasn’t so photogenic…I suggested our roof. It has amazing views of Brooklyn and great light and ended up being a great option. Here we were able to play with both my position and the background. While the silver coating on the roof seemed at first like it was going to be pretty harsh, it actually worked out well.

As we tried out poses, Becky was willing to take suggestions and gave her own suggestions in a way that didn’t make me feel like I was taking orders. It started to get a little more fun as time went on and the more relaxed I got, the more I was willing to experiment. My favorite shots are actually ones that I suggested and Becky executed exactly like I pictured it in my head…

Clearly I didn’t want to actually be in the pictures based on the ones I like, but I was pretty satisfied with the result and we had a good time. I also feel like it’s worth mentioning that I didn’t have ANY makeup on and hadn’t even done my nails but the photos didn’t make any of that stand out.

The end result of our photo adventure was some great shots that will be fun to look back on and share with my daughter. Taking the photos was also great for sharing with friends and family that live far away and can’t see me as my pregnancy progresses. I didn’t realize until the photos were taken and shared how much people are interested seeing a growing baby bump!

While I admit that having fun taking maternity photos was a little unexpected, I am now even more excited about our upcoming newborn photo session and I am definitely looking forward to the arrival of our little girl in December. I can’t wait to have Becky come take her picture and have great photos of our growing family!

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