Mackinac Island

Horses, ice cream, fudge and beautiful views sum up Mackinac Island. And…they now have a Starbucks too…whohoo! Every year in the sailing community there are two races to Mackinac Island, one from Chicago, Illinois and one from Port Huron, Michigan. This year, as part of Sail22, I had the pleasure to work with a team coordinating shore support (there were over 20 people on the team!!!) and Ed also raced the Chicago to Mackinac race. I didn’t have much time to play with my camera there, but I tried to capture as much as I could when I had it in hand.


DSC_0079I saw the Mackinac Bridge by land and by water. It’s definitely a welcome sight for the sailors as they approach the island and from there you pray that the breeze continues to the finish line!



I took a ferry over…there are fast and slow ones, but even the slow ones only take about 30 minutes tops to get there.

The light house is very quaint and is part of the finish line for the Chicago Mackinac race. I’m sure it’s a very welcome site to see after 333 nautical miles of racing.

The island has no cars…so there are horses and buggies everywhere. Definitely a slower way of life. Bikes and walking are also big on the island. We wanted to take a carriage tour, but the line was ridiculously long…so it’s still on our to-do list for future visits.

DSC_0075We stayed at the Chippewa Hotel. It’s right on main street and the Pink Pony Bar & Grill is downstairs in it. That is the place everyone goes when they are done racing and it’s packed both morning and night. Julie & Nadine and the rest of the staff are wonderful and will take great care of you!

While waiting for the team to arrive, we had a little time to kill, so we headed up to The Woods, a very cool little restaurant in the middle of, you guessed it…the woods.


They have the oldest bowling alley in Michigan. Duck pin bowling to be exact and you have to reset your own pins. Only one lane too. I’m guessing the alley has a lot of history to tell.

This moose and his friends probably do too!

The island is a wealth of old architecture. Two of my favorite places are this little stone church and The Grand Hotel. I just love the porch at The Grand and it has one of the most amazing views on the island. Very classic.

DSC_0058As the boats finished, Mackinac Island definitely takes on a different flare, as any place does when it is invaded by sailors.

The regatta party was hosted at The Grand Hotel on the lawn. Mt. Gay rum was a major sponsor for the Chicago Mackinac race. Veuve was as well and they made their presence very well known throughout the island. Two of my favorites for sure!


We had a great time catching up with some of our friends who we don’t get to see all of the time. It was great to see Jessica & Justin Hood and congratulate them in person on their recent wedding! Ed and Justin have been friends for many years and we couldn’t be happier for him and Jess!

Did I mention the water in the Upper Peninsula area is as blue-green-aqua as the Caribbean? It’s gorgeous.

DSC_0014If you missed last week’s Wordless Wednesday photos…make sure you check them out. More Mackinac Island beauty!


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