Fall Top Ten: Joys of Fall

I can’t say that Fall is my favorite season…but it definitely has it perks. Apple cider, pretty leaves, perfect sleeping weather, pumpkins…to name a few. And although I don’t have kids, I think all of my friends with children would agree “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”. In case you don’t remember…

We made a summer list and managed to cross a fair amount of things off of it. A few we’ll roll over for next summer because we didn’t have a chance to do them and some will be repeats because we really enjoyed them. So, why not have a Fall list? Since I find Fall to be a bit depressing, I’ll need some inspiration and reminders for our Always happy. Never satisfied.™ lifestyle.

1. Cider and Doughnuts: We’ll be in Rochester September 21st-29th and I cannot wait for fresh pressed apple cider. For as long as I can remember, my family has been going to Schutt’s Cider Mill in Webster, New York. They just have the best cider I have ever tasted (and it changes weekly depending on the blend) and they make homemade doughnuts there too…every day. One of those Fall memories that just always is perfect…and delicious. I can’t wait to share it with Ed this year too.

282540580_cb66289c3f_o2. Autumn Leaves: Pretty leaves…make pretty pictures. We’ll be in some great locations for Fall foliage shots. Home is of course my favorite place to start. 🙂 But we’ll be in Newport, RI again in October and Annapolis, Maryland too…along with lots of places in between.

3. Perfect Temperatures: I’m a little like Goldilocks. I like it “not too hot” and “not too cold”. Windows open at night to let in the cool night air and I sleep like a baby. Rainy early mornings are perfect for sleeping in and even though I don’t do it often…I love to do it.

4. Pumpkins: Last year we grew them. They took over the garden, Little Shop of Horrors style. Seriously. This year we grew acorn and butternut squash and they have done the same…crazy plants. I think they will be relocated to a new area next year. I found a pumpkin patch that’s not too far away and we’ll need to visit it and pick a few out. Roasted pumpkins seeds are my favorite.

281824677_a5a8f9b8d7_o5. Friends: We’ll be seeing a lot of friends this Fall in our travels. Miss them all and don’t see them often enough of course. Definitely looking forward to catching up!

6. My First Rodeo: I’ve never been and we saw a sign today that there’s one locally September 18th and 19th in Grovertown, Indiana. It’s on the calendar!

7. Iceman Commeth: We’re racing in the Iceman Mountain Bike Race on November 6th. That is less than two months away…yikes! I think I need to start training. As in…starting tomorrow…

8. Skeet Shooting & Chili: They go hand in hand around here. We host skeet shooting here at the farm with friends and family. And we eat chili (lots of different kinds) out in the barn…and drink hot chocolate. Enough said.

9. Football: I didn’t grow up watching football…and no one in my family played. I always liked Notre Dame though. But…I am really looking forward to tailgating before a Notre Dame game. According to Ed, they start days…as in at least three…before the game. I hear it’s a crime to not like football if you live where we do…

10. Sweaters & Fleeces: It’s kind of appealing in early Fall to open up my sweater drawer and have a wardrobe I haven’t worn in a few months. By November, I’ll be over it though…but the first few weeks, it’s a bit magical.


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