Civvies {Best Chic Boutique} | Culver, Indiana Small Town Living

I’m small town girl at heart. There, I’ve said it! 🙂 When I met Ed, my now husband, I didn’t think so though. I’d grown up in a small town in Western New York and spent my summers in another one, so I thought that moving to the city (or at least the suburbs) of a major city would be where I’d want to live as an adult. I went to school at the University of Rochester (a little plug for an awesome school) and lived nearby in the city through grad school. After graduation from the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner program, I moved. There had to be more…I knew it and I was up for the adventure. I definitely didn’t think that vast corn fields and cows would make me smile every day…but all it took was one trip to the little town of Culver, Indiana and I was sold. You see, I lived in Annapolis, Maryland which is about an hour drive to Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland when I met Ed. It’s a great area and very beautiful…but it’s full of traffic, traffic, traffic and more traffic. And I had to drive in traffic to go to work, to the store, to visit friends, etc. Now I love to visit, but Culver won my heart in the Fall of 2007 when Ed asked me to come out to Indiana and sail with him. I clearly remember my first drive through the small towns and fields with vibrant green and brown hues. It was refreshingly beautiful. Since that first trip, I’ve found Culver to be  such little gem in the midst of cornfields. There are multiple delicious restaurants, a variety of wonderful clothing and gift boutiques, gorgeous Lake Maxinkuckee, an amazing public waterfront beach and of course the notorious Culver Academies. Kids can be kids. Adults can relax. And I love it. I love it so much, I want it to thrive. Luckily, there is a resurgence of young people deciding small town living is for them and there is a great group of us in Culver. Not only are they living here, but they are bringing their businesses to Culver.

As time has gone on in Culver, our town has had some small shop owners retire and close their little stores, so we have room to grow. I personally can’t stand looking at covered up windows and while having breakfast one morning at one of our delicious little restaurants, I decided to do something about it. I approached Julie Brooks & Julie Workman, owners of Civvies, an amazing little boutique shop with clothing and accessories and gifts with my idea. They just seemed like they would be the perfect fit. Read more about how we’re reviving our little town.

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