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Three Adorable Little Girls! ~ Always Happy Life Photography

I love that my travel adventures allow me to work with families from all over! While visiting Rochester, New York last week, my good friend Jen scheduled in a photo session with her three adorable little girls. They each have A LOT of personality and we had so much fun during their session!

Napa & Sonoma Wine Tour

We had an amazing visit to Napa for a wine tour July 9-16th to celebrate our friend Brent & Sarah’s 10th anniversary, as well as our other friends, John & Johanna’s 18th anniversary and our two week anniversary. 😉 Brent organized everything and did an awesome job coordinating our trip. It does help he’s in […]

Happy Life Update

All is well with Ed & I. We were in Miami last week for sailing. Ed raced Viper’s and finished 4th and I spent two days out on the water shooting the different classes in the regatta. It was great to catch up with people we hadn’t seen in awhile and also meet new sailors. […]


This afternoon on my flight from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale there were the cutest little kids behind me. Blonde as could be, blue eyes, completely charming and well behaved. The kind of kids you don’t mind sitting behind you on a plane. You know what I mean… Anyways, we are getting ready to leave the […]

Girls Weekend

Last weekend I snuck away on Friday and convinced two of my very best friends to meet me for a Girls Weekend. And we had a BLAST!!!! We decided on Orlando since two of us could drive there from our locations and it was a reasonable flight for the other. It worked out perfectly, except […]

Being Proactive

Being sailors and having a nephew who is our personal weatherman…we decided we should change our flights scheduled for Wednesday afternoon due to the impending blizzard. I’ve now talked to three different people at Delta and been on the phone for over 55 minutes! They’ve all been very nice, but unfortunately weren’t able to make […]

22 Goals for 2011

We made up our 22 Goals list last January on Sail22 and figured this year we’d share it with both blogs. We checked off a bunch of things from our list, but no where near all 22. I guess we were a bit ambitious, so we’ll update what we need to do and add a […]

Road Tripin’ into 2011

Happy New Year to everyone! We set out on December 26th for our cross country road trip into 2011. I’ll have to admit that I wasn’t quite ready to leave so soon after Christmas. I really felt our time at home had flown by and my head was spinning the whole time from all the […]

Chicago for the Holidays

Ed and I spent yesterday afternoon and this morning taking in the holiday sights in Chicago. Ed booked us a hotel right off of Michigan Avenue and we went exploring. I’m glad I packed my long underwear, because it was really, really, really cold! Ed mentioned today that he wished he had his too. It […]

Iceman Cometh Challenge 2010

Photo Credit: Bill Furry Last weekend we headed up to Northern Michigan for the Iceman Cometh Mountain Bike Race. It was truly a family affair, since Ed’s brother Greg somehow managed to persuade us to join his entire family and then we all conned Ed’s parents into coming with us for support. Did I mention […]