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Happy Father’s Day! | Charity Highlight

Fathers are very important in each of our lives. We are reminded of this as we celebrate Father’s Day this time every year. Tomorrow is no different. For those of us who are fortunate to have a loving father figure in our lives, it is a happy time. For children who are growing up without […]

Always Happy Life Photography Studio Progress | Culver, Indiana | Newborn, Children, Senior & Family Photographer

It’s hard to believe that this old barn is now the future studio of Always Happy Life Photography isn’t it? It looked pretty tired when Ed bought our farm in 2007…but now the barn has had a bit of a facelift. It’s looking pretty good now, don’t you think? Special thanks to Ed’s Dad, Bill […]

Every Day I Miss Her {Pieces of Me} | Always Happy Life

It’s hard to believe that five years ago tonight, one of the most influential people in my life went to heaven. She was one of the first to ever hold me and I saw her almost every day throughout my entire childhood and as often as possible as an adult. When I lived in Rochester […]

New Addition | Life in Culver, Indiana

On Thursday morning our lives changed dramatically. Totally unexpected and not exactly what we were planning at all. It was on our “someday” list…you know that list, “Someday, when we are…” I bet you have one too? Well, our someday became today. We had decided on the name a long time ago, for our, “Someday […]

Reasons to Celebrate! | Always happy. Never satisfied.®

“Always happy. Never satisfied.®” Notice anything different??? We can now officially use the ® next to our slogan for Always Happy Life!!! Up until this week, we’ve been a ™ which means we are pending approval. Did you know that? This past Tuesday, we received an official document in the mail from the United States […]

Whine to Wine

Sometimes you have a day from H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks. Today was one of those… Not terrible in a, “Wow, this is going to change my life forever” kind of day, but one that you can only image is the equivalent to the worst Ground Hog Day (you’ve seen the movie…several times I’m sure) scenario you can think […]

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Last Thursday evening we hosted our first ever Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party when we arrived back to the homestead in Culver. It was also our second meet-up for young Culver residents and the group keeps growing. We decided about a month and a half ago that there were many young people who were choosing […]

1968 Morris Mini Cooper S Restoration Update ~ Always Happy Life Project ~ Culver, Indiana

We stopped by the mechanic yesterday for an update on the progress of our Morris Mini Cooper S refurbishment here in Culver, Indiana. He’s been able to get the engine out of her and she wasn’t seized, which is a plus on our end. The engine head is now off as well and it appears […]

1968 Morris MK II Mini Cooper S Restoration ~ Always Happy Life Project ~ Culver, Indiana

Ed and I have a fun new project! We’re about to restore my Mom’s (now ours!) right hand drive, 1968 Morris MK II Mini Cooper S into our Always Happy Life car! What could be a more perfect fun car? My mom imported this little beauty into the US from England in approximately 1972 and […]

Three Adorable Little Girls! ~ Always Happy Life Photography

I love that my travel adventures allow me to work with families from all over! While visiting Rochester, New York last week, my good friend Jen scheduled in a photo session with her three adorable little girls. They each have A LOT of personality and we had so much fun during their session!