Always Happy Life began in 2010 as a blog by Becky DaMore & Ed Furry focused on happiness, life, photography, family, friends, house projects, travel & giving back inspired by Ed’s favorite saying,  Always happy. Never satisfied.® We trademarked the quote because we want to share it with others to make the world a better place by working with different causes and promoting healthy lifestyles. Donations from our AlwaysHappyLife.com store will be made to support these as we grow.

Our AlwaysHappyLife.com logo has our icon known affectionately in our house as “Harry”. Since Ed’s last name is Furry…we figured “Harry Furry” would be a great name for a dog (we definitely couldn’t do it to our kid!!!)…but this guy came along first and it just fit perfectly. 😉 Hopefully by checking out our blog, we are able to make you smile.

Always Happy Life is a way to promote the Always happy. Never satisfied.® lifestyle which sums up our life views. We encourage everyone to get out and do things in life and not hold back at striving to improve the world we share!