Whine to Wine

Sometimes you have a day from H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks. Today was one of those… Not terrible in a, “Wow, this is going to change my life forever” kind of day, but one that you can only image is the equivalent to the worst Ground Hog Day (you’ve seen the movie…several times I’m sure) scenario you can think of. Yes, today was one of those. Not even holiday related or anything. That would be more expected and easier to deal with at this point. Just stuff…stuff and more stuff.

We live a happy life around here…and I know that my husband knows me well when he recommends at 4:30pm that I have a drink. Yep, he did! At 8pm, I finally sat down and poured said drink after finishing up some more of the craziness of the day. And it tastes pretty good. 😉 As soon as Ed gets back from picking up a brand, spanking new boat for one of our Sail22 clients, we are headed to drink some Egg Nog and have some spontaneous last minute fun with friends tonight. The evening is already looking up! Back to your regular scheduled programming…I promise. I know tomorrow will be a better day, after all, it’s almost time for the big guy and his sleigh. Sometimes you just have to be really real and lay it all out.

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