Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Last Thursday evening we hosted our first ever Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party when we arrived back to the homestead in Culver. It was also our second meet-up for young Culver residents and the group keeps growing. We decided about a month and a half ago that there were many young people who were choosing to make Culver their home and we needed a way to connect with them and network a little bit. We had our first get together on November 17th and then decided to make it a monthly meet-up group, so the December group became out first Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. We have a hit here! We even made the evening complete with perpetual trophies awarded for the best Ugly Sweater and Ugliest Sweater. Can you say fruitcake?

The evening was a great success with our house festively decorated (tinsel garland anyone?) for the occasion. We managed to also put up our Christmas Tree in the living room and other decorations so that we were a little bit more into the Christmas spirit around here.

Dana scored us our lovely sweaters, after stopping at a consignment shop and asking for Christmas sweaters. The lady there told her they didn’t have any of “those”, but to run out to the lady in the parking lot who just tried to bring some in. So, she did and bought a whole bag of very festive sweaters for $4. Pure ugly Christmas sweater awesomeness. We decided as host and hostess, we were ineligible for prizes. Thank goodness, since my handsome hubby went all out on his outfit, even breaking out a dicky and some extra fur. Our winners… Brian “Pockets” Pohl for Ugliest Sweater and Dana’s fiancé, Dave Noel, bringing home the Ugly Sweater prizes! Granted, Richard “Hot Pad” Easterday gave the winners some serious competition as well with his hand sewn decorations and snazzy lights! Definitely a great way for us to come home and kick off the holidays. We are looking forward to many more meet-ups and Ugly Christmas Sweater parties in the future. 🙂

The voting ballots

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Ed & Bill…see what I mean?

No fun was had…

We love our vinyl cutter and all of the fun things we can do with it!

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