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Guest blog from Ed today!

It’s that time of year again when I get to stop shaving and not get any flack about it from my wife. Last year I heard about Movember from my brother, the web and some friends on FaceBook. Movember you say…what is Movember? The month of November is about men’s health awareness and what goes better with November than a little bit (or a lot) of facial hair? Do you really need a better excuse to not shave than to raise awareness for men’s health? I really don’t and Becky loves it…really…she does. This year, I’m being official about it and have registered (points with the wife) and you can donate to my campaign if you’d like by clicking on my Movember page. I’m already off to a great start!

After all, I am into healthy living and need to be in good shape for my job and hobbies. As with last year, I stopped shaving as I was preparing for the Iceman Cometh Mountain Bike race. Since it is always the first weekend in November, it’s perfect to stop shaving in preparation for the Mo. This year our Iceman trip was a guys only weekend with my brother, cousin and I all racing and Dad along to be our support crew. So I spent the first week of Movember growing some fine facial hair for our Grizzly Adams weekend before sculpting my Mo. Follow along here and on our Always Happy Life Facebook page to see how the Mo grows and go make a donation on my Movember page to help support Men’s Health. If you are lucky, you too can laugh at your man’s crazy facial hair like my wife does with me. It’s only one month of the year so jump on and enjoy the ride for a great cause. Check back here often for a Monday Mo Update to keep you entertained. Send us a photo of your favorite Mo by Friday and we will add it to our the Mo post next week!

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