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Hello Always Happy Life readers! Dana here and I’m new to the Always Happy Life and Sail22 family! With that being said, I am also new to blogging, so bear with me. 🙂 If you’ve been to Culver, then you may know me from the Original RootBeer Stand here in Culver, or you may recognize me from the local Edgewater Grille where I may have slid a drink your way. Or if you don’t know me at all, here’s your chance!

I grew up fairly close to Culver in a small town called Monterey, with a whopping population of around 200. I had a dog named Powerhouse, and her four puppies all named Larry (for some reason I liked that name). My childhood consisted of swimming in corn bins, riding around with my dad in the combine, and being constantly teased and tossed about by my four older brothers. Growing up on a secluded farm was nice–I could always see the stars, it was quiet, and not another person for miles.

I went to Elementary School in Monterey, then in 7th grade traveled over to Culver where I then graduated from the High School in 2004. From there I went on to Purdue University in West Lafayette where I studied Communications. In December of 2008 I graduated with a Public Relations and Rhetorical Advocacy degree and moved back home to hopefully find a job. Well, as some of you know Culver isn’t a booming town for new college graduates, so I had some trouble getting started. I continued to work summers at the Original RootBeer Stand, where I’ve been for the last ten years (gasp) and the last two years have been spent also bar tending at Edgewater Grille. It was there that I met Ed and Becky. I got to know them quite well from catering/bar tending at their wedding, the C Scow Nationals and many other local events. Thank goodness I did. I doubt I would have gotten this opportunity otherwise. 🙂

All thru school you’d be hard-pressed to find me without a camera. I was always hijacking my parent’s old 35mm and acquiring shoe boxes full of film. So imagine how thrilled I was with the debut of the digital camera! 🙂 Photography has always been important to me. I love documenting everything around me, no matter what the occasion is. That’s why I love my job here. It allows me play with my camera even more! What could be better!

Along with Photography I also enjoy Traveling. I love, love, love seeing new places. Any chance or extra cash I have, I am somewhere else in the country. I try to get out of here at least twice a year. In the past year and a half I’ve been to Hawaii, Key West, Seattle, St. Petersburg, and numerous weekend trips to Nashville, Chicago, etc. I always love an adventure!

Jewelry is another passion of mine. Yes, since I’m a gal it seems typical, but most of my jewelry was made by my mother, or purchased for under $10. 🙂 I’m a big big fan of the gaudy, huge, costume jewelry and my collection shows it.

I’ll be working here at Sail22 headquarters in Culver, while I currently reside in the heart of downtown Culver with my Fiancé David, and our rambunctious kitten, Scotch. You’ll be hearing more from me in the future!


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  1. Bill says:

    Nice ‘Blog’. Good addition to the SAIL22 team!!!


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