April Showers

DaffodilsToday is one of those days that the fog is thick and you can barely see 100 feet. It’s surreal and one of my favorite kinds of days. Always a surprise to wake up to in the morning. Definitely a day to stay inside and cozy.

I’ve been itching for Spring lately. After all, it is April and the 100 daffodil bulbs I planted in the gardens last Fall are still barely peeking through the ground!?! I think they know something since they are only about two inches tall…although the high for this Saturday is 75℉. Hopefully that will help! I’m ready Spring…anytime you want to stop taunting me and decide to stick around. I see playing in the gardens on my weekend agenda! Speaking of gardening, my little vegetable and flower seedlings are started and doing well. I’m planning to start a few more today and hope for the best, as they may be a little neglected with everything going on in the next few weeks.

Anyways, the trees are budding, new bright green blades of grass are sprouting, the birds are chirping and I’m sure that all of these April showers are going to bring gorgeous blooms soon!

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