The Dresses

I figured since yesterday I gave a preview of the what our little guys and big guys are wearing, I’d give you a preview of the girls dresses as well!

We’re definitely going for a fun look with our wedding party and some bright colors as you can tell from the our Vineyard Vines picks for the guys. I decided also have fun with the girls and let tthem each pick a style of dress in the same color. It’s called “pool” and the only other requirement was that it couldn’t be long either. So here are the dresses they picked!

Sarah & Laurie picked this one:

Liza is wearing this one:

And Katie picked this cute dress:

We looked for a fun dress for Elizabeth too, but the colors were a bit tough to match. It just so happens that Elizabeth’s best friend is also in a wedding this Spring and they are the same size. Megan sent over the dress E’s best friend is wearing and we decided it was almost perfect, except for the sash. Wonderful Janet, who has been lovingly altering my dress for me has made a sash to match my dress. Here’s the sample picture of E’s dress that she’ll wear as our flower girl. So sweet and she’ll be so pretty!

Keeping with the fun style of our wedding, I wanted a simple dress for myself and didn’t want to spend a fortune. Ed and I decided that $350 was max for the dress…and I began searching. I learned about some great resources (Recycled Bride, Once Wed and Pre Owned Wedding Dresses) and ended up finding the perfect J Crew wedding dress that had been discontinued through Once Wed…brand new with tags! And I came in under budget, with it costing a whopping $275…shipped!!!!!!! I met with Janet and I think she fell in love with it as much as I did from the start. We’ve changed a few things about it to make it my dream dress and ready for some serious fun on the farm. I can’t wait for June 25th!!!

Photo credit: Bridesmaids dresses ~ David’s Bridal; Flower Girl Dress ~ Us Angels


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  1. judy becker says:

    I love the dresses and the color—what a fun idea.

  2. Becky says:

    Thanks Judy!

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