The Busy Mouse

We have a very busy mouse…and a very lazy cat in our household. Our house was built in 1873. It’s an old farmhouse…we’ve worked hard to make it sealed, but there is apparently a crack we missed. Anyways, I discovered this weekend that my cooking utensil drawer had been stockpiled with Noisy’s food. Definitely a new discovery…wasn’t there the day before. And judging from the amount the mouse has been working very, very, very hard.

I decided to move Noisy’s food bowl to the other side of the room last evening to make the mouse have to work a little harder and to give Noisy a fighting chance at catching the little bugger. I even locked him out of the bedroom so that he couldn’t sleep with me. And no dice.

Noisy apparently spent his time doing this…

S22_9864So, I’m off to buy some mouse traps!

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