This afternoon on my flight from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale there were the cutest little kids behind me. Blonde as could be, blue eyes, completely charming and well behaved. The kind of kids you don’t mind sitting behind you on a plane. You know what I mean…

Anyways, we are getting ready to leave the gate and the little guy, I’d say he was about two and a half, says, “Mom, we’re wiggling” and as we pulled back from the gate, I hear a “Cool” out of him again. As we taxied to the runway, he starts saying, “Red alert! Red alert!” and I hear his mom tell him gently that he shouldn’t say that because people on the plane might become worried. So, he switches to “Green alert!”. At this point, everyone in the seats around us are completely entertained by him. On the runway, as the plane is starting to take off, the little one again chimes in again…this time with, “5…4…3…2…1….BLAST-OFF!!!!!!!!!”. Hilarious. 🙂 Their mom reminded them a few times that they were a bit excited and to use their “restaurant voices”. In actuality, they were never really that loud and were quite entertaining.

After landing, as we all waited to deplane, both of the kiddos proudly displayed their wings. Too cute!

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