Happy Life Update

All is well with Ed & I. We were in Miami last week for sailing. Ed raced Viper’s and finished 4th and I spent two days out on the water shooting the different classes in the regatta. It was great to catch up with people we hadn’t seen in awhile and also meet new sailors. If you wish you could have been out on the water with us…here’s the gallery links to check them out.

We stopped in Atlanta on the way back home and spent time with the Elsey family. Elizabeth is SOOO excited about our upcoming wedding and wants to know everything. 🙂 She’s now in the super secret club of people who have seen pictures of my dress. I am so lucky to have Janet doing the alterations on my dress and keeping me posted as she works on it. She’s customized it to be exactly how I pictured it and I think she loves it as much as I do! Elizabeth definitely approved of it. The boys were fun as always, running to greet us when we arrived and climbing into the back of the truck to help Ed unpack our bags. They love chasing bugs around the yard with their lacrosse sticks (I guess they lost their ball) and chasing each other. Ben is definitely going to be bigger than Luke by the wedding, if he isn’t already! Luke is the snuggly one and comes in to wake us up in the morning. He climbs in bed with us and chats it up. Cute as can be. It’s always so great to visit them and we look forward to seeing them again next week.

We also spent some time with the Furry boys and had a great time catching up at an adults only dinner with Greg & Katie. Greg came up with a genius idea. Daniel really wanted to go out to dinner with us, but the younger boys didn’t want to go. Greg convinced them that in order to stay home, they both had to pay Daniel $10 each to babysit him…and they did! Genius I tell you.

In other exciting news, Van Horne Jeweler’s called and let us know my rings were finished and they had a few for Ed to pick from too! We started working with them in late January to design a custom setting for the diamond from Ed’s Grandma Furry. We worked with Bill Martin to design the setting and the whole process was great. We ended up even designing a matching wedding band for me and he worked with us to find the perfect titanium band for Ed. Everyone on the staff was wonderful and excited to work with us. We highly recommend them and couldn’t be happier! So, now I have a beautiful and meaningful engagement ring and I can’t stop looking at my left hand! Love it. Happy Life for sure. 🙂
PS-Excuse the iPhone pictures…we sent the camera in for a check-up to Nikon…so we’re making due with what we’ve got!

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