Where to Start?

In case you didn’t read our 22 Goals for 2011…hmmm…really? They are good ones…you should check them out…

Anyways, we are getting married this year!!! Yes, it’s true…and we are VERY excited!

There’s so much to do though…sometimes it’s a matter of just figuring out where to start. We know when and where it will be…that was the easy part. Now, it’s all of the little pieces to make it an amazing day. So…

Ideas we have so far:
-Some sailing the day of…for those who want to challenge Ed to it! He’s up for it and excited to fill my dance card based on results. 😉
-Lots & lots of fun. We’re thinking very low key…a flip flops required kind of time.
-Maybe do our photos before the ceremony so we can really enjoy the event with everyone. Any thoughts on that?
-Ceremony in our fields in the late afternoon. See the picture…aren’t they beautiful? The sun sets around 10pm…so we have lots of time.
-Party, party, party…all night long!
-Fun foods & finger foods. We like the idea of a mashed potato bar and a sundae bar.
-There will be dancing & lots of celebrating. Need to figure out a band.
-We’re hoping friends and family coming in from out of town take advantage of how beautiful Culver is and the fun that happens during the 4th of July week. Think of it as a destination wedding…we promise you will love it.

Ok…so now we have to fill in the gaps!

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