Our “Cave”

We have a tiny garage…so tiny that neither of our vehicles will fit in it. Now, mind you, I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee and Ed has a monster truck…an F250 Diesel that is lifted. Mine might fit, but I probably couldn’t get out of it and Ed’s definitely isn’t going to even be close. That’s why we have barns…to house boats and our trucks. We’re set there (we have a total of four barns)!

So…what do we do with the garage? We definitely could use some functional project space around here. There’s no good place to spread out a project and leave it. I personally have an issue with clutter and having stuff everywhere. It needs a place. So, we decided to tackle the garage and make it a project/storage/workout room. Sounds functional, right? While I was away a few weeks ago, Ed took everything…and I mean everything…out of the garage. So, when I arrived home, the porch and living room were packed full of “garage stuff”. Ugh. Then we left and were out of town for a few weeks and guess what? The garage re-do fairy did not magically come by while we were gone and the “garage stuff” was still where we left it.

DSC_0001Since we were home last week, we made a conscious effort to tackle it. We filled the cracks in the concrete and skim coat the floor to prep it for an epoxy paint sealant (which Ed bought a few weeks ago during the garage clean out…he was being ambitious). We prepped the garage after the new concrete layer dried by etching it with citric acid and thoroughly washing the floor a few times. It took a few days to dry with the space heater and dehumidifier going non-stop and we were finally ready to paint. It’s definitely a huge improvement over the plain old, yucky concrete floor we had before. Light gray with blue, white and black flecks in it.

Next up was insulating the walls. We had some brand new insulation from the back porch project and another big bundle of a different kind that didn’t have a back on it, so I started measuring, cutting and tacking it up. We even had some old insulation that I reused out there. After using what we had, we really didn’t need too much more.

So, off to Lowe’s, our favorite store with a mere $200 cover charge (when we are lucky). We stocked up on another two rolls of insulation (one is getting returned…yipee!!), wood for the walls, electrical boxes, vapor barrier (must be 4 mil to be adequate) and a few other miscellaneous items that somehow wandered into our cart.

Back from our adventure to Lowe’s (since it’s 30 minutes away from us…we do live in the country, so any trip to the “big city” is an adventure) Ed installed the electrical outlets and I tackled the vapor barrier. Now we just need to get walls up and paint…but we’ve made huge progress pretty quickly. We’ll have some final photos to show you when it’s all finished and looking “functional”!

Have you done any garage redo projects? Any tips as we work on finishing it up?


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