Summer List

Ed and I have been thinking about what’s on our Summer List for awhile. We been talking about what we want to do and what our favorite summer activities are. Some things we’ve already crossed off…but since summer is rapidly flying by, we better get on the rest of them!

1 ) Make popsicles: Ed’s older nephews helped and KNOW they are delicious. In fact, they ask for them every time they come over lately. We have cute sailboat molds I got from Williams-Sonoma years ago and the boys loved to fill them and stick them in the freezer. They come out adorable. I’m glad we got to share that all important skill with them so they now know where popsicles come from. Have you made popsicles with your family? Cool popsicles molds make them taste even better, don’t you think?

2 ) Porch Dates: We live in the country where the light pollution is pretty low and the stars are amazing. On really starry nights, we’ll grab a cocktail and head to the porch late at night to talk and take in the view. One of my favorite ways to end the day. We’ve had a few of these perfect nights already.

3 ) Wake Boarding: Ed went over the Fourth of July…see his skills here…I need to get in a turn too. Also want to try out wake surfing too. It looks super fun and I’ve heard it’s easier then wake boarding. The first time I went wake boarding, I think every part of my body ached in ways it never had the next day and the day after, but I had a blast doing it.

4 ) Bonfire…check…we had one for our Fourth of July picnic and I’m sure there will be more to come.

5 ) S’mores…somehow I didn’t manage to get any s’mores when the kids made them. Guess we’ll have to have another bonfire!

6 ) Canoeing on the Yellow River: We went last year and had a great time with the older nephews. It’s definitely on our to-do list again for the summer. Just have to figure out when?

7 ) Make Homemade Jam: I made Strawberry jam already and it’s almost gone. I guess it was good!!! Still want to get some blueberry jam made now that blueberries are in season. Maybe some peach too?

8 ) Night Swimming: Yep…definitely my favorite R.E.M. song. The water is super warm this year in Lake Maxinkuckee. Day time swims are just not the same.

9 ) Go Exploring: Just head out without a plan and check out a nearby place we haven’t been for the day. There are lots of little towns around our home and when we travel for Sail22, there are always places we haven’t visited in the surrounding areas. Just need to get in the truck and go play for the day!

10 ) Mountain Bike: We are doing the Iceman on November 7th along with 3,698 of our closest friends. We need to get some biking in to prepare and we’ve been a bit lax. We’re looking forward to it, since Greg and Katie are doing with with us and the boys are doing the Meijer Slush Cup. Our friends Shawna & Steve will also be joining us in the fun (so make that 3,694 of our closest friends). We’ll definitely be sporting some special Always happy. Never satisfied.™ gear there for sure!


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