Road Trip and Lunch Break in NYC

We were on a little road trip a few weeks ago coming back from Chautauqua, NY after the C-Scow Nationals and on a whim decided to meet up with some of my very best friends who just moved back from Belgium (finally!) and were in New York City for work and play.

We stopped in Rye, New York and had delicious bagels because Ed started talking about how good they were and so we just had to stop. Oh how I miss real bagels! Knowing that Drew, Sarah and the kiddos were in NYC, we decided to take the train into the city. Definitely the perfect choice, since parking the F250 is not a very easy task on an every day basis…much less in the city.

Ed definitely was happy to be out of the truck and riding the train.

On arrival…Grand Central Station.

Such a cool building and well planned way back when. I’m guessing changing out the signs etched into the stone wouldn’t be an easy task.

The architecture is beautiful inside and out.

After having true New York pizza for lunch. We headed on a walking tour…

and checked out Rockefeller Center. Wimbledon was playing on a ginormous screen and you could play tennis on a grass court right there. Pretty cool huh?

We saw Radio City Music Hall.

And Times Square.

The kids absolutely loved the Toys ‘R Us and who really can blame them? I loved the Toy Story 3 display in the window. We definitely need to see that soon!

And we had ice cream of course.

Kiley was a good sport and chilled in her stroller. How adorable are her curls?!?

And then we headed back to the train and on the road again to Newport, Rhode Island.

Stopping to see Sarah, Drew & the kids made my day. Thanks Ed for making my day and going out of your way to do something special for me! Talk about a happy day! Can’t wait to see them again now that they are back in the states!

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