Favorite Blogs-Have You Checked Them Out Yet?

Welcome to the Mad House: Ian figured out how to read! Check out the cute post and video here. Pretty cool to see a little one put all of the pieces together! Also, they had a great weekend at the river with friends for Memorial Day and last week Ian graduated from pre-school!!

Windtraveler: Brittany and Scott had a busy Memorial Day weekend of boat prep. I’m exhausted just reading about what they did. Check out their post on scraping the paint off entire bottom of the boat here and their dilemma now that they have it all scraped off here.

Ironmomma: Mary had an exciting week with a great photo shoot for an article about her in an upcoming Triathalon Plus Magazine. Luc is headed to an awesome camp called Lose the Training Wheels. Can’t wait to hear all about his experiences there and to see him on a two-wheeler very, very soon! Check them out here…very cool organization and we just sent them a note to see if we can volunteer to help with the South Bend camp next week. We’ll keep you posted and hope we have a chance to help!

Enjoying the Small Things: As always awesome photos from Kelle Hampton in her posts from this past week. Looks like some splashing in the pool with the kiddos, book time, a doctor visit and lots of smiles. Memorial Day fun at the Isle of Capri and lots of baby love.

Audacity of Pope: Raf continues to heal and recover post surgery. He may be “thin as a stick that lost twenty pounds” but he’s still got some spunk.

The Garrett Journey: Jana shares her trip to Ethiopia with Samantha’s Girl Scout troop and they get to meet smiley little Grace.

Jennings Journey: Little Mia and the boys are enjoying a Summer break and there’s yet another pre-school graduation!

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