Monday Musings from Our Favorite Blogs

Little Grace is doing wonderfully with her new family and is Miss Smiley Face. She is so adorable! Check up on the Garrett Family and life since they returned from Ethiopia with Grace. Read More

Kelle Hampton of Enjoying the Small Things has had a great week. Lainey’s birthday party and actual birthday look like they were wonderful and Kelle enjoyed some well deserved Girls Night Out fun. Little Nella is as cute as usual. 🙂

My friend Mary Eggers has been training hard this week for Ironman Florida (it’s months away…but the Ironmomma trains all of the time) and she had a rough session…yet, she reflects on all of the good that comes out of “cracking”. She’s dynamic and we’re cheering her on. You can do it Mary!!! Read More

Raf of the Audacity of Pope is back home and recovering well from his recent surgery. Sounds like things are starting to improve as far as body and mind. Read More

As always, let us know if there are any blogs you think we should add to our favorites or let us know if you are interested in writing a post for

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