Welcome to AlwaysHappyLife.com!

Finally…it’s here! For years, we have been hearing “I really love your saying” and we have finally done something about it. That saying,  “Always Happy. Never Satisfied.™” is what this site is based on and sums up our chosen lifestyle.

Ed thought it up years ago and Becky remembers the first time she saw it, how it just clicked. Our goal is to be “Always Happy. Never Satisfied.™” and we believe the world would be a much better place if we all tried to be happy and strive to make things better. So, welcome to AlwaysHappyLife.com!

We will be launching a store next week with shirts and stickers. You can see the previews of our Classic designs here and we have plans to create limited edition shirts to support various causes and charities. We are very fortunate to have so many people helping us out and we will be introducing everyone over the next few weeks, with more to come as Always Happy. Never Satisfied™ and AlwaysHappyLife.com grow. For now, please check out the first few blogs who represent this lifestyle. We look forward to seeing where this small company takes us and meeting people from all over who believe in this type of lifestyle. Feel free to contact us, forward us your blog, story or photos that exemplify living Always Happy. Never Satisfied.™  And don’t forget to get out there and if you aren’t already, start living your life Always Happy.  Never Satisfied.™

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