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I have always wanted to have a blog where I can write up witty posts and share my views of the world, discuss travel destinations and plot out ways to save the world. But in the last few years, I seem to have all of my best ideas when I am driving down the road from one sailing event to the next and they never make it into anything other than that…ideas. I have been to some pretty cool places in my life and done some great things. I have lived on every coast in the US, literally. San Diego and Huntington Beach in California, Rye, New York and Newport, Rhode Island, on the East coast. Seabrook and LaPorte, Texas near the Gulf of Mexico, Chicago…it is on Lake Michigan and I feel like I have lived in Miami with as much time as I have spent there. I also spent a few months in Honolulu working on the Morning Light Project. I can’t forget the 9 months I worked at the Bitter End Yacht Club on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands too. So I can’t say I haven’t moved around a bit and had stories to tell. I’d be the first to say, I have been pretty lucky in life. I just seem to have a short somewhere upstairs that prevents me from turning great experiences in life into a form of media that can be shared by others. I have tried to use photography to share through my Flickr account. If you go there now, you can see I am slacking as of late. Did I mention I own a pretty cool video camera too? Not much has been done about using it though. Maybe I can get a YouTube account going to share the videos I actually have taken…maybe…

So why am I changing my ways? Where do I start?

I think there are many reasons. One of the first has been the fact that I have had a lot of people comment on the “Always happy. Never satisfied.™” saying on my shirts, emails and website. I always thought it would be great to sell shirts and hats and other merchandise but wanted to be able to tie it into more than just “stuff”. I always thought it would be cool to be that person who gives to charity all the time named “ANONYMOUS”. He seems to be around a lot and able to give back with nobody bothering him or asking him to donate more. Maybe, it’s because they are afraid if they ask him for more, he might stop giving. I want to be able to help people have a great life and a place for them share why they like Always happy. Never satisfied.™. Maybe, you will send us pictures of the places you go and show off your cool shirt or hat. Tell us how it relates to your life and what it really means to you. I hope you will see a lot of them if you come back here often! We have a great group of very talented bloggers that have agreed to share their blogs on So when you get bored with my blogs please check back often to see what others have to share. They have great causes and experiences to talk about and share with the world. If you have a great blog, story, video or even photo that fits with living Always happy. Never satisfied.™, please send it our way. We will try to share it with others here. A photo in your favorite place or famous city works too and we’ll add it to our growing blog.

So what is this new Blogging all about? Don’t worry about me going on, and on…as friends and family know, I can tend to do that especially after a cocktail or two. I will make sure to have Becky edit after I am done writing a post to keep things under control. Since I have not had a cocktail in a few days you should be safe…too much driving lately. Becky is driving now. Lucky me! You will hear more about Becky in her own blogs. Some may say she is my better half. I tend to think she was just the first one to fall for my outlook on life and believe I may have something figured out. There will also be some help from my sister, Megan Elsey who has been working with us for almost a year now. She not only helps with our sailing concierge business but also houses us half way to and from Florida and now has been roped into being Always happy. Never satisfied.™ She has a great family with three amazing kids that keep her extremely busy while her husband, Jack, flies all over the US and now internationally for Delta. He’s on his way to Rio tonight since the volcano in Iceland cancelled his flight to Germany. We will let you in on their stories, videos and photos in later blogs as well. I am sure you will hear about the rest of our family as they support us, as well as some of the adventures we go on together.

Oh yes, hopefully soon…you can call me Mr. Anonymous.


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  1. Jonathan Paul Michiels says:

    Reflecting on your blog, I guess the term that comes to mind is “blessed.” We are all blessed in different ways and indeed being alive is the greatest of them. God has given us all unique talents and we must help one another to use them to full advantage. We are all equal in God’s eyes although society presents many challenges which is where I think your charity advantage can help out…i.e. in helping people to use their talents. I know that Always Happy is not necessarily religious, but I think we must often times look to our creator for answers about being on earth…i.e. to help one another reach our full potential. I know, Mr. Anonymous, that you have many things figured out and so you must know that you are not merely lucky, but ‘blessed.” This also reminds me of the philosophy of the Jedi, but I will leave that for another time, indeed…

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